Tips for Reducing Risk of Shoulder Injuries from Flu Shot

A recent study published by researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada provided tips for reducing the risk of getting a shoulder injury when receiving a flu shot and also corroborated the need for health care professionals to understand how these injuries can happen and to take certain precautions to minimize their occurrence.

The study published by this group suggests that many cases of SIRVA (shoulder injury related to vaccine administration) go under-reported and that a greater understanding needs to be had about them. Promoting awareness of these injuries among health care professionals can help not only to prevent them from happening but can also insure that patients receive the proper diagnoses and appropriate treatment as many health care professionals are unaware that such injuries can even occur as a result of the administration of vaccines.

As detailed in the study, many SIRVA injuries result from the shot being administered in an improper location, often too high up into the shoulder. In order to assist in that regard, the study puts forth an infographic to guide the administrator of the injections and to help in the identification and prevention of SIRVA injuries. The study also lists several suggestions for those receiving flu shots including: wearing a sleeveless shirt or a shirt that can be easily rolled up; not pulling the neck of your shirt down to reveal your shoulder as this can lead to a vaccine being injected too high into the shoulder; and putting your hand on your hip with your elbow out and away from the body to help relax the deltoid muscle where the injection should be going.

It may also be worth noting that other reported cases not discussed in the study occurred when the administrator of the vaccine is standing and the recipient is seated or when the needle is inserted at an improper angle into the deltoid.

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