Personal Injury Case Results

The partners at Schiffmacher Cinelli Adoff LLP, have obtained millions in settlements and verdicts for our clients.* We’ve also assembled a top-notch legal team with many years of experience. They’ll work side by side with us every day through every aspect of your case.

See below for recent examples of some favorable settlements and verdicts we’ve achieved for our clients.

$2,450,000 Settlement

Our 42-year-old client was injured as she headed to her child’s school one winter morning and her stopped auto was rear-ended by a delivery truck. With severe neck and back injuries that required surgery but left her unable to return to the factory job she’d held for eleven years, our client suffered significant physical and monetary damages. After winning summary judgment before trial, the case settled for $2,450,000, securing our client’s financial future.

Plaintiff accepts settlement of $475,000

While motorcycling, our 35-year-old client was broadsided by a Sheriff’s patrol car, suffering orthopedic injuries requiring multiple surgeries. While the Sheriff claimed that the cause of the accident was the need to respond to an emergency thus absolving the deputy from any fault, we proved this claim to be incorrect and a settlement of $475,000 was thereafter achieved.

Plaintiff awarded $488,000

When a young driver turned in front of our client’s van, he caused serious neck and back injuries, which may require future spinal surgery. The accident also permanently prevents our client from returning to work. A jury awarded total damages of $488,000 for loss of wages and pain and suffering.

Plaintiff accepts $360,000 settlement

A woman who sustained non-surgical neck, back and knee injuries stemming from a motor vehicle accident accepted a $360,000 settlement.

Plaintiff accepts $125,000 settlement

A 21-year-old woman who sustained a fractured wrist which required surgery as a result of a motor vehicle accident, accepted a $125,000 personal injury settlement.

Scaffold worker accepts $800,000 settlement

A 34-year-old plaintiff fell 30 feet through improperly erected scaffolding, suffering several fractured bones and requiring surgery. Permanently limited to light-duty work, this plaintiff settled for $800,000.

Plaintiff awarded $750,000 verdict

A 42-year-old woman who sustained a concussion/closed head injury and suffered from post-concussion syndrome from a left turn motor vehicle accident was awarded $750,000 for pain and suffering.

Plaintiff accepts $410,000

A 38-year-old woman suffered an aggravation of back injuries from a prior work incident when her car was rear-ended by a careless driver.

Plaintiff accepts settlement of $800,000

A 51-year-old woman previously disabled from neck injuries was t-boned in an accident and suffered severe lumbar injuries which required spinal surgery.

Plaintiff accepts settlement payments totaling $4,000,000

Our 21-year-old client suffered severe trauma when the defendant driver ran a red light and t-boned her compact car. Our client spent almost a month in intensive care and several additional weeks undergoing rehabilitation. Left with permanent pain and a limp, the client was unable to return to work as a delivery truck driver.

Plaintiff awarded $685,000 verdict

A 45-year-old woman who was involved in two motor vehicle accidents sustained shoulder, neck and back injuries and was awarded $685,000 for pain and suffering.

Plaintiff awarded damages of $400,000

A 24-year-old on her way to college classes was struck by a garbage truck on the wrong side of the road and suffered back injuries that may require future surgery.

Plaintiff accepts settlement of $1,400,000

A 48-year-old registered nurse suffered career-ending neck injuries when the defendant driver rear-ended her stopped car. The client required two surgeries and has continued pain and restricted motion.

Plaintiff awarded $680,000

A window installer was hit from behind in traffic and suffered neck injuries which required a spinal fusion. The client’s award included compensation for loss of wages, permanent injury and interest on his claims.

Plaintiff accepts $700,000 settlement

While working as a bus driver, our 56-year-old client was t-boned by a garbage truck. The accident left our client unable to resume work after undergoing shoulder and back surgeries.

*Past settlements and verdicts do not guarantee future results.