Injuries Involving Municipalities

Schiffmacher Cinelli Adoff attorneys are experienced in litigating matters involving municipal entities. Our attorneys have knowledge of the unique procedural and practical issues that arise in the context of these actions and have litigated cases both on behalf of those injured by municipalities as well as previously representing local municipal entities themselves.

Claims against municipalities in New York involve unique legal issues and often present certain challenges. Examples of municipalities and municipal agencies include cities within the State of New York (e.g., NYC), school districts, public transportation agencies, public hospitals, fire departments, etc. Before filing a personal injury lawsuit, a claimant must serve the responsible municipal entity with a legal document called a Notice of Claim. A Notice of Claim has special requirements, including strict time deadlines. Specifically, a claimant has only 90 days from the date of the incident to file the Notice of Claim. If a claimant fails to meet this 90-day deadline, the claim could be barred.  That’s why it is important to contact an attorney knowledgeable in this area of the law as soon as possible. Our attorneys are strategic advocates that will aggressively seek expeditious and effective results on behalf of our clients.

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