There are many points of contention between landlords and tenants particularly issues arising in eviction or summary proceedings such as primary tenancy, non-payment of rent, claims of nuisance, etc. Our attorneys represent both landlords and tenants with respect to such issues and have up to date knowledge of all rent regulations and laws as well as case law governing residential and commercial landlord / tenant issues.  Since 2019, and as a further result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been numerous changes to the law, some involving complicated procedures and rules, all of which our attorneys have the requisite knowledge and experience.

Specific situations we handle include the following:

  • Holdover or nonpayment eviction proceedings
  • Warranty of Habitability claims and hearings
  • Retaliatory evictions
  • Constructive, wrongful or self-help evictions
  • Orders to Show Cause for injunctive relief including Yellowstone injunctions
  • Claims for damages and/or destruction to property
  • Collection actions for rental arrears

Quite simply, our attorneys understand the stress and tension caused by landlord / tenant issues and will assist you in navigating and handling your particular situation in order to help relieve that stress including answering your questions about regulations or legislation that may affect you; reviewing, negotiating, and drafting leases; explaining important landlord-tenant regulations, ensuring your decisions are in line with landlord-tenant law in New York State; representing you in administrative hearings, standing up for your rights in any court proceedings including evictions or other disputes and listening to your goals and helping you develop plans and protections for the future.

If you have a landlord/tenant situation you would like to discuss, contact our office at 716-815-4722 or fill out the secure contact form for a free consultation.